The Fiji Shark Dive

In the protected waters of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve come face to face with up to 8 species of sharks and up to 450 species of fish.  This dive is truly a shark lovers dream come true.

Dive 1

The action begins at 30m/100ft, where you will spend 10-12 minutes overlooking The Arena.  In The Arena, the Bull Sharks have celebrity status.  We kick off the festivities with a hand feed, then continue with an aerial feed where we drop tuna heads from a suspended bait bin.  Be on the lookout for Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon, and Silvertip Sharks.  We may even get a surprise visit from a Tiger Shark, you never know what the dive has in store for you.  That  is the beauty of nature!

Once the first level has concluded, we swim up the slope to 10m/33ft.  Here we will spend between 10-15 minutes hanging with the Grey Reef and Whitetip Reef Sharks.  Our hand feeder at this station will be feeding these species, but also any Lemon, or Silvertip Sharks who show up and show out.

Our final stop is at 4m/13ft.  Here in the shallows you will be surrounded by Whitetip and Blacktip Reef Sharks.  We call them the ‘Reef Shark Mafia’.  Whitetips have no sense of personal space, so don’t get crazy if one swims past your head or between your legs.  Our hand feeder will be controlling the action as they hand out yummy pieces of bait.  While you are enjoying the show, you will be conducting your safety stop at the same time.  It will be the best safety stop you ever make, we guarantee it.

Surface Interval

Enjoy the snacks and refreshments, as we spend an hour topside.  Check out your images, change your camera batteries, catch some rays and make some new friends.

One of our staff Marine Biologists will talk to you about the history of the Reserve, our current conservation work and research.  We are happy to tell you which named individual sharks came for a visit, how to identify them and answer any questions you may have.

We gear up, and you receive your second Shark Dive Briefing.

Dive 2

The action begins at either 25m/82ft or 15m/50ft, the depth we choose is dependent upon the season, weather and ocean conditions.  When we get down, the Bulls are already waiting for you.  Keep a lookout for other special visitors: Lemons, Silvertips, Tawnys and the elusive Tiger.

If we start the dive at 25m, we kick off the festivities with a hand feed.  If we start the dive at 15m we go straight into the aerial competition.   

Did somebody say ‘Sharknado’? There will be more Bulls on this dive than your first one, no joke.  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better,  you get blessed with a caudal fin to  the face.  Consider it an honor!

At 25m we will spend 18-20 minutes with the sharks before we head up the slope and your Dive Master brings you on a coral tour of Shark Reef.  At 15m we will spend 28-30 minutes with the sharks before we head back up the slope for our safety stop.

We conduct our Safety Stop as a group then head to the surface.  That natural high you’re feeling?  We promise it will stay with you for the rest of the day!



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