Our Team

Silio Raqatima

Fiji, Lau Group

Silio is a PADI Instructor and the head of our Dive Team.  Silio began with us in 2008 and was trained by our legendary hand feeder ‘Rusi’.  His passion for the underwater world and his positive energy are a source of inspiration for dive students.

Aceni Moce

fiji, kadavu

Aceni is one of our boat Captains, who has been with us since 2011. His upbeat attitude and perpetual smile are like sunshine on a rainy day. Steady hands and guidance are what he provides as you are gearing up and getting in and out of the water. 

Nanise Ledua

fiji, Lau group

Nani is the Matriarch of BAD, she runs our Front Desk, Retail Shop and keeps the BAD Boys in check. Her warm and caring manner make morning check-in a breeze.  If you are lucky you may meet her Bull Shark namesake on The Shark Dive.

Anaseini Ledua

Fiji, Lau Group

Ana is our Accountant, and she may have earned her Economics degree from the U of South Pacific, but her Fijian charm is 100% homegrown. Ana is Nani’s younger sister. She is as sweet as the Bull Shark named after her, and just as engaging. 

Salesh Chand

fiji, Navua

Salesh is the man behind the scenes keeping BAD up and running. From fish runs to maintenance, filling tanks and mixing Nitrox, he does it all.  If you run into him give him a smile and a hello, this soft-spoken gentleman is as hard working as they come.

Minisare Koroi


‘Cody’ is one of our Divemasters and Hand Feeders.  Cody is an animal lover with a gentle laidback manner. He can wow you controlling the energy of the excitable reefies during a hand feed, or finding creatures on our coral/wreck dives.

Earl Foster

fiji, serua

Earl began as our boat Captain, then became a Divemaster and Hand Feeder.  He is passionate about the sharks and about exploring the ocean underworld. Earl has the ability to spot elusive sea creatures from ghost pipefish to Tiger Sharks.

Sydney Shier

calgary alberta, canada

Sydney is the head of our PADI Instructors with a personality like pure sunshine.  Her patient and supportive manner will help you build skills and self confidence underwater. Syd has a degree in Marine Biology and a deep love for the underwater world. 

Timaleti Qovuniceva

Fiji, Beqa Island

‘Q’ is one of our Divemasters and Hand Feeders.  He is fearless with a wicked sense of humour. Whether Qovu is leading you on a dive or feeding a shark in front of your camera, his enthusiasm for the ocean world is infectious.

Albert Serau

Fiji, Lau group

‘Pate’ is one of our Divemasters and Hand Feeders.  Pate he has energy to spare and is always sporting his signature smile. Make sure to wave as he films you, his artistic skills are behind the shark dive video you will take home.

Junior Delana


‘Ju’ is one of our Divemasters, Hand Feeders and our Bin Master.  Ju loves the ocean and the challenge of working with apex predators.  If you find yourself under an epic Bullsharknado chances are you have him to thank for it.  

Malakai Cakautini

FijI, Rewa

‘Mala’ is one of our newest training Divemasters..  He has a love for the ocean and a passion for diving which he credits his Grandfather for.  Mala is quick to give an assist or to make you laugh .  His admiration for our sharks is just genuine.

Andrew Cumming

U.K., Edinburgh

Drew is our Dive Operations Director, keeping BAD rockin’, rollin’ and divin’ on the daily. Drew  is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and skilled at servicing dive equipment so we are always in good hands.  You will likely meet Drew at the Dive Centre, where his wit and charming but firm demeanour make him the perfect BAD Patriarch. 

Natasha D. Marosi

New York, United States

Tashi is our Conservation Director, and runs the My Fiji Shark adoption program.  Tashi is currently conducting research on the social behaviour of our visiting Bull Sharks.  You will likely meet Tashi topside during the surface interval, where she is happy to talk about our sharks, shark behaviour, and our ongoing conservation work.  

Mike 'DaShark'

Ticino, Switzerland

Mike is The Godfather of BAD, and the driving force behind the creation of SRMR, numerous research and conservation projects. Having spent over two decades of his life dedicated to conservation, he is a legend in many circles. You can likely spot Mike on the boat, or in the middle of the Arena filming under a Sharknado of Bulls. If you decide to engage him in conversation during the surface interval: approach him with caution.   He has a nose for BS so keep it real.

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